Allow 7 business days for advanced purchase of gift cards.

  Eat, Drink or Shop a minimum of $40 in stores at Lincoln Square on Stadium Event Day (one merchant OR a combination thereof)
  Display that day’s receipt(s) on dashboard of your car
  Take short walk or ride shuttle to stadium
  For your convenience, you can purchase a gift card in advance online to get your parking pass. Click to learn more. Allow 7 business days for advanced purchase of gift cards.
  For a list of merchants who are open early on game days, click HERE.
  $10 round trip per person (Children 12 and under ride Free! Limit 1 child per adult)
  Tickets may be pre-reserved or purchased at time of boarding. To pre-reserve a shuttle passes, click HERE.
  For group rate information, email and ask about pre-reserving shuttle passes.
  3 shuttle locations in Lincoln Square will open 3 hours before a GAME or EVENT.
  Shuttle buses will begin running a min. of 2 hours before a GAME or EVENT.
  Drop-off will be on the northwest corner of the stadium (returning will be from this same location)
  Return service will begin at the start of the 4th quarter for games and continue until one hour after game ends.
  Shuttle buses will return passengers to their boarding locations in Lincoln Square.
    Click here for Shuttle Stop Locations.
  Don’t leave your purchased items in your vehicle. Lock them in your trunk.
  If you don’t have time to shop or eat, buy a GIFT CARD and use it at another time.
  Park your vehicle anywhere at Lincoln Square, with valid receipt(s) on dash.
  Towing is enforced for stadium goers with vehicles WITHOUT receipts